Our newest member is Jason Sharp

Jason is no newcomer to the R&B stage, he was the former lead singer for the group "HEAT WAVE". 

 We welcome Jason to the Stylistics and we look forward to a great working relationship.


We know the question that has been on everyones mind for the last few years "Where is Russell Thompkins?"  Russell decided to leave The Stylistics on April 29, 2000 and currently has formed his own version of the group.  

In May 2000 "Harold (Eban) Brown" became the new lead singer for "The Stylistics".  Having been the lead vocalist with a number of groups "The Manhattans", "Wilbur Hart's Delfonics" and "Ray, Goodman & Brown", Eban easily took on the task as lead singer.  An accomplished guitarist in his own right Eban brings to the organization a new fresh style and talent not seen for a while. 

Van Fields also joined "The Stylistics" in May 2000.  Van has performed with a number of groups in the past, and being a gifted first tenor himself, has been compared to the likes of singer "Smokey Robinson".  Van brings to the organization classic showmanship that fits perfectly with the group's own style.  As someone once said, "He's the glue which holds the harmonies together."  

Immediately following their arrival, an intensive rehearsal period was scheduled. With six months of contractual obligations already in place, things had to be put together quickly.  So with a little luck, hard work and God's blessings "The Stylistics" opened in Cleveland, Ohio on May 5, 2000 to rave reviews.

Currently The Stylistics continue to tour world wide and headline the "70's Soul Jam" concerts. To find out when they're coming to your city check out the "The Stylistics Tour Dates"  page.

                                         Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you

                                                    The Stylistics


 Airrion Love, Jason Sharp, Herbert Murrell and Harold (Eban) Brown